Curiosity-driven innovation, passion-driven production
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Curiosity-driven innovation, passion-driven production

We love furniture and interior design. We are eager to explore the wonderful world of design and come up with new ideas. We are meticulous in our search for comfort and functionality and we produce strong and durable products with expertise. These are our best features, perfectly reflected in our wooden furniture for either your home, your office, entertainment spaces, or the hospitality market – and they can be seen in our contract furniture as well.

Siamo guidati da passione e curiosità
Ad ognuno la propria seduta

Wood, our greatest love

Vibrant, warm, precious, natural. As diverse as its uses throughout the centuries. Strong and elegant. Most of all, wood means harmony to us, and we want to transfer this harmony to our products. How? By keeping on studying wood even though we know it to the core, and by treating it right, as if it were a friend. That's how much we love wood.

Ad ognuno la propria seduta

Materials show us the way

We use many more materials other than wood. To create structures, details and finishes, we pick the best materials and hand them over to our artisans. Their craft – the result of years of experience, study and work – ensures that each manufacturing process is meticulously conducted to perfection, respecting and highlighting all qualities of every raw material.

Functionality is our project

To us, design must be functional and satisfy people's needs. Beauty, comfort and strength are common features to all our products, but each one of them is conceived and created to fulfil a purpose or request, no matter how specific. Our creativity is tailor-made.

Craftsmanship and technology are in our DNA

Many companies say this – we actually mean it. Everyone can see it in our products: we started out as artisans, then became a cutting-edge company, keeping our love for meticulously manufactured products intact. Time goes by, but our principles hold strong... And so does our furniture.

Details are our quality seal

We are an Italian company manufacturing chairs, tables, stools, horizontal cabinets and outdoor furniture. We most certainly identify with this definition, as it encompasses a fundamental part of our cultural and industrial background: Italian attention to detail. Italian style is all about elegance, and this makes a huge difference in the design industry.